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Chimney Crown

   The crown at the top of your chimney may seem insignificant but it is more important than a lot of people realize. The crown on your chimney should not be neglected. The crown protects the chimney from water damage. Even just a few cracks in the crown allows water to enter your masonry chimney. 
   A bad chimney crown can also begin to lose pieces or even fall into the chimney itself. As pieces of the crown fall into the chimney the pieces can dislodge or break your flue tiles causing a chimney fire. Maintaining the crowns integrity on your chimney is significant to reducing costly repairs at a later date. 
A chimney sweep should be completed on your chimney every year. When a sweep is completed your chimney crown will be inspected. If a crack or void in your chimney crown is found repairs should be made immediately. Repairing the chimney crown will help save on costly repairs down the road. If a large crack is found and repairs cannot be made immediately your chimney should be at the very least should have a tarp put over the chimney to prevent further damage. This is only a temporary solution. While any type of covering is on your chimney, DO NOT BURN. 
   Most chimney crowns with cracks can be repaired quickly and at a fraction of the cost than if the crown is left to disintegrate.Once a crown has to many cracks or has been left unattended for several seasons without proper repairs,the crown will need to be rebuilt.